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Founded in 2006

Longvision Media Co.,Ltd. used to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shen Zhen Coship Electronics Co.Ltd. Longvision
Media attained independence in the year 2012, HQ office is in Shen Zhen,and its registered capital is RMB 100million.
Longvision Media is the world’s leading provider of Internet media solution. The company has obtained 48 computer
copyrights, 17 software products and 25 trademark by now. The company provides video services of all media through
integration of global TV programme and media resources, including digital TV, IPTV,OTT, mobile internet and etc.

In 2018, LongTV(Hong Kong) and (Malaysia) were established. By obtaining full licenses, they comprehensively carried
out digital television and internet business in Malaysia and radiate the business to Southeast Asia and the world. By
enriching the categories of intelligent hardware products and collaborating with hardware manufacturers, the market
coverage rapidly grew from 2021. As of the first quarter of 2023, the global coverage of business users has reached
20 million, and it is expected that by 2024, the software and hardware coverage of users will exceed 30 million.

Company founded,it is wholly- owned subsidiary of ‘ShenZhen Coship Electronics Co.Ltd’ , taking part of China platform development, positioning, consignation and cooperation project.
Attained independence then take over the system platform and advertising platform from the parent company. Develop advertising and internet cooperation project.
Expanding One Belt One Road overseas market. Develop Internet video platform cooperation project after getting license by Malaysia Government. There is accumulation of 60million local users since 2018.
Business expanding to Europe, South America, Middle East and etc. Increase the market coverage by carrying out multi- channel cooperation, estimated can reach 20million+ users in 2023.


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